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Our platform is digital. Our stories are live. Our game is scale.


OneUp Sports is purpose-built to do one thing: break and amplify the local stories that drive the global fan conversation.

We are network leaders in premium digital sports content. We have highlight rights to almost every major league, and insider access to players, teams, and locker rooms across North America.

We have a 500-strong editorial roster in 50 domestic markets in North America, pushing premium sports content to more than 2,100 local digital publishers through mobile apps and websites.


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Live Facebook platform feeding 10B+ view-per-day global market



Top global digital sports media partners

100+ global sport team apps with millions of downloads
O&O real-time
.com platform
Exclusive League, Federation and Team Rights



Segments/month real-time original content



video views per month



forecasted views in 2017



Total Video Hours



Males 18-35



Males 18-34 are Sports Fans



are Super Fans

digital, mobile and in-venue fan engagement



uniques across network

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Our Network

Buy once, distribute everywhere.

Unparalleled Scale

The OneUp Sports network delivers over 7.3MM premium video hours and over 30,000 digital articles to over 2,100 select newspaper.coms and independent publishers, across over 100 pro sport team apps, across our own online platforms, and our Facebook Live channel to fans around the world.

Premium Local Content

Every day, our network is fed by a 1,000-strong roster of locally-embedded sports reporters across North America. In New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London, our studios produce and distribute curated, premium digital sports content including major league, federation, and team highlights, regular live studio programming, and documentary shorts.

Engaged Audience

Roughly 70% of the U.S. adult population consider themselves sports fans, and they each spend an average of 7.7 hours/week consuming sports content. Our content is entrenched on the digital platforms fans visit most--within their local newspaper, across digital media networks, on their local team apps, and embedded in their social media feeds.

Integrated partnerships with digital media networks


Facebook Live

OneUp’s Facebook Live platform opens up a 10B+ view-per-day market

OneUp has launched a hyper-local social sports phenomenon
that seamlessly integrates brands with great sports moments - as they happen.

It's nimble, measurable, responsive and marks the arrival of a new frontier of digital audience engagement.

#1 local sports network in North America

50MM+ uniques


trending to #1 digital sports network


in total videos


in total videos per viewer


in total videos


in total video minutes
(7MM hrs/video/month)


in total unique viewers
(167K less than CBS Sports)


in average daily uniques

Let's Play.

Our Services

For Advertisers

We have the audience you want. And, we have their attention.

OneUp’s line-up includes more than 2,100 leading local and global digital publishers, 100+ proprietary professional, varsity and player apps and exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s leading sports brands.

Looking for a bigger audience? OneUp’s Facebook Live platform gives you access to a 10B+ view-per-day market.

We’re only interested in what works: Intuitive, integrated, performance-based,
real-time campaigns.

Our digital creative studio is lit 24/7 to round out your team. We are fully equipped to deliver premium, customized, brand-forward and programmatic-optimized campaigns with:

  • Advanced consumer-centric metrics, insights, and analytics
  • Programmatic, tailored, micro-targeted campaign strategy
  • Agile, performance-based, real-time campaign adjustment
  • Integrated campaign support merging media, data, and creative workflows
  • Intuitive campaign narrative design across all channels, ad formats, and devices
  • Custom campaign and brand content design
  • Custom campaign unit design and programming

For Brands

Responsive, nimble, creative.

OneUp looks at the data, drives deeper and delivers insights and approaches that challenge traditional thinking about delivering your brand’s message with the highest ROI.

With a range of custom brand solutions backed by advanced consumer-centric metrics, analytics, and alignment of your message with premium content, OneUp delivers your content to the right people at the right time, in the right venue—and we can adjust on the fly.

We prep the field for brands to perform.

30 minutes from break to live.

It’s like this: Say Curry nails an epic three and talks trash to the Cavs’ bench. Our guys capture it live and send it to the studio.

We mobilize in the moment, firing out the clip and commentary with integrated partner endorsement creative to hungry fans ready to engage.

For Publishers

It’s simple:OneUp delivers premium sports videocontent to your digital audience…and you make money.

Join 2,100+ leading digital sports publishers around the world and letOneUp complement your feet on the ground in the stadium, on the field and in the locker room.

With our sports network player, your audience will have access to exclusive, premium, league-produced features and highlights, network TV content mixed with local reporting, and real-time local analysis and opinion.

OneUp Video Players are HTML5 compatible and responsive, for performance elegance on desktop, tablets, smartphones and mobile apps.

How It Works

Embed our player on your digital sports channel, and your audience gets access to our video content—including highlights from the top leagues and federations—for free. We also work with your reporters to produce custom content for your site. The process is quick and easy, and the results are unmatched engagement.

Join 2,100+ global digital sports publishers

For Networks

Your editorial voice powered byOneUp Studios

Our custom built, on-site studio extensions are in place in partner locations across North America. We design, build and launch cost effective video production studios to help networks embrace and dominate social, video and live platforms.

A more typical solve might have been a remote, clunky and expensive
post-production and packaging partnership. But we’re not typical.

Pioneers in agile production

Many of our network partners were struggling to match the speed, tech and resources required to make the push to digital.

We created a drop-in studio as a service, using our network as their megaphone to amplifying the editorial voice of our network partners to increase fan engagement and grow revenue.

OneUp Studios

Big Ideas. Custom Creative, Production & Distribution

OneUp Studios has a purpose-built field, creative and production team that helps brands create exclusive, real-time sports content—targeted locally and delivered globally. With scalable production and creative studios across the country, and access to local and professional on-air talent, you won’t find a faster, more experienced, and better-priced partner anywhere.

We work at the speed of news and information to put your brand creative in the game with breathtaking speed and ingenuity.

Create. Co-Create. Curate.

We go where our business goes. Like the time a big network client asked us to help ramp their editorial voice and develop their video brand.

So, we dropped in to our client’s site and became studio mates, equipping and redeploying their talent to engage at 24-30 fps.

We retooled our studio concept to put our network to work as their megaphone, amplifying their voice, increasing engagement and growing revenue.

Stacked Bench:

  • Custom studio featuring on-air talent and Emmy-award winning creative production
  • Custom analysis and reporting on exclusive pro sport highlights and real-time event coverage
  • Global partnerships with leading sport writers, editors, commentators and publications
  • Exclusive rights to league-produced segments and highlights


Proven entrepreneurs and smart people who've learned the game at its highest level.

Daren Trousdell

Daren Trousdell

Founder and CEO

Daren Trousdell is the Founder & CEO of OneUp Sports, the #1 digital sports network in North America dedicated to curating and amplifying the voice of local sports journalists. Working with the world’s premier sports leagues, teams and sports media properties, the OneUp Sports platform integrates local sports content with premium pro sports highlights, live programming from our production studios in key markets across North America and Europe, over 100 pro team apps, and live-play mobile gaming and in-venue social fan experiences. Prior to OneUp, Daren founded Mindblossom, an award-winning digital agency that was acquired by Aegis Media in 2007. Following the acquisition, Daren was made Managing Partner of Isobar North America, Aegis Media's global full service digital marketing agency, leading digital media strategy for brands such as Adidas, Home Depot, eBay and many more Fortune 500 clients, receiving numerous awards for creative excellence in Interactive Marketing. Daren is an alum of George Brown College, an avid New York Jets fan, and a huge golf enthusiast.

Omar Rizvi

Omar Rizvi


Omar brings 20 years senior executive experience, remarkable for consistent revenue growth and process and profit improvements in challenged and competitive markets. Prior to joiningOneUp Sports, Omar was Vice President, Finance with Fingi Inc. in Bangkok, and before that held similar senior financial roles at QMI Sales (a division of Quebecor Media Inc.), Isobar Canada, Yahoo Canada, and Walmart Canada. Omar earned his bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance at Waterloo University in Canada.

Matt Larter

Matt Larter

EVP, B2C & Services

Matt anchors our international division, adding his extensive experience in the technology and gaming industries to our mobile app and development business. Now heading OneUp Sports' European partnership team, Matt combines a rich history of entrepreneurial leadership gained as VP, Business Development at Betsson AG, Founder and CEO of Purple Lounge (acquired by Mediacorp PLC), and PWC UK with his passion for sports and interactive technology.

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We don't wait around for permission to make things happen,
we move where the game is going.

Our people have hustle.

We are a team of exceptional and creative people redefining the digital sports landscape. We are fearless and committed to delivering the next frontier in hyper-local journalism and fan engagement, capturing and amplifying premium sports stories as they happen.

Our hunting ground is local. We chase down and capture stories in the neighborhood, on the field, and in the locker room, amplifying the heroes, villains, and cinderellas that are at once familiar and all new. We understand that the stories that drive sports are the stories that drive human endeavour.

We are driven by urgency, powered by immediacy, and willing to provoke.

We're scouting.

We're always on the hunt for exceptional Field and Studio Mates who are driven to go beyond the scoreboard. If you have talent, confidence, and the soul of an entrepreneur, send us your stats.

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